Half Month Mentorship

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Half Month Mentorship


How it works:

  • This mentorship is for anyone. Completely new to ecommerce and need me to hold your hand through the whole process? No problem.

  • Have a bit more experience than others? I can curate a mentorship based to your needs.

  • Over 100+ successful mentorships completed.

  • Unveiling the curtain to 7 figure strategies

  • Shows you how I made $43,000 in 12 hours

  • Direct access to my shipping agent - No more Oberlo

  • Automation systems in place

  • All calls are through google hangout screenshare

  • Helps build a shopify store with help showing you how can do it in the future.

  • Helps pick a winning product along with how to source them in the future

  • This mentorship will teach you the ins and outs of facebook ads manager and how to produce a working plan for facebook ads. That is followed by a week of scaling and teaching you how to use different CBO & Non-CBO methods.

  • I will show you how to populate different custom audiences and use retargeting methods to pull revenue off of past visitors from your pixel.

  • The mentorship lasts 16 days from after the payment is made.

  • Andrew will scale your ads and show you how you can scale them in the future if you have current ads running.

  • Professional ad creation services on hand to create the best photo and video ads you need within a one day time frame.

  • If you have any questions feel free to message me on my instagram - @anndrew.

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